Unique Fake Santos De Cartier Dumont XL Hourse Motif Watches Of SIHH 2012

Whether jewelry or watch, Cartier is one of the standards of elaboration. Combined with traditional craft jewelry techniques, all the time, it is the important leader of watch brands. The birth of each exquisite copy Cartier watch takes a lot of patience and time of the watch makers. Today, let’s enjoy the extraordinary watches replica Santos De Cartier Dumont XL Hourse Motif. Launched at SIHH 2012, the fine watches fully show Cartier’s Mosaic art and craft jewelry techniques.

The well-designed copy watches cost 120 hours to make.
Well-designed Copy Santos De Cartier Dumont XL Hourse Motif Watches

The theme of the luxurious copy watches is horse. There is pattern of horse on the dial, which is made from opals in different colors, including green, grey, chocolate, brown, black and pink. The jewelry combination technology and jewelry cutting technology form the miraculous color of light and shadow of the horse. The horse is as natural as though it is living.

The luxury replica watches are limited.
Limited Replica Santos De Cartier Dumont XL Hourse Motif Watches

The jewelry version has only 10 pieces. Each piece costs about 120 man-hour. And the fantastic fake Cartier watches made from 18k white gold and matched with brown alligator leather straps have non-jewelry version for 40 pieces.

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